Travel Stories: The time I ate a banana like an idiot

So after spending a week in Nagpur and a day or two in Bangalore We took the train to go to Kerala to visit one of our friend’s parents.
The place was amazing, and his parents were sooooo friendly I cannot describe how friendly they were.

As any parents anywhere in the world the first thing that that they told us that we have to eat first then do all the activities, we went to the dining table to find it filled with different dishes, by that time in the trip I just stopped asking what everything was once I figured I don’t know shit about the food here.
There was this dish with brown stuff that looked like meat but since we haven’t seen any red meat in our trip I figured nah it must be some meat substitute, then my sister asked what’s that, the mother told her it was meat, I didn’t need no green light to start eating so I just started eating like a caveman, the mother added it was halal so we can eat it without worrying about anything, I was halfway through the dish so I guess that wasn’t much of a problem.

After we all finished they brought some bananas, they were steamed and sliced but with the peel on. The Mom and Dad told me to try it, unfortunately my sister was washing her hands so I was the only one there that doesn’t know how to eat it. I waited for a second to see how everyone will start eating them, but everyone was looking at me as if they were saying yeah you’re the guest go ahead, so being the awkward idiot I am I thought maybe they leave the peel on for a reason and I should eat it like that.

They were similar to the ones on the left.

Reference image from:

So I grabbed one and chewed on it with the peel on (Dumbest move ever I know), the banana was a bit sour and the banana peel was soo bitter but I was all like uhhmmmmmm that’s so good *chewing noise* . They had this weird look on their face, Can’t really blame them and they started peeling the banana slices and eating them, and being all like “yeah it’s good”.

So now because of my stupid move they think all Egyptians eat bananas with the peel on. I wanna say like gorillas but even gorillas remove the banana peel first  😅🤦‍♂️


Travel Stories: The time I didn’t have my passport on me

Well it all happened in my trip to India, after visiting a few cities and staying with a bunch of friends, we decided we should go to one of the mountains so we took a bus to Kasol.

It’s this really awesome mountain but you have to take a bunch of rusty buses to get there but once we got there it was amaaaaaaazing.

I had my sister with me in this trip after spending a day or two  surrounded by mountains she told me there’s nothing much to do here, she likes cities more, I’m more of a nature small village guy myself, so I told her she can go back to the city and I’ll spend the remaining days before our flight here.

So she took a cab and left.
Here’s the problem since we had our passport and cash all in one bag and she had that with her, I ended up in the mountains without my passport, thank god I had 200 USD with me so I can survive.

I messaged her on facebook so she can send me a picture of the passport just to pass the security checks on the road, she didn’t respond, later I asked her why she told me it was because she doesn’t like using facebook’s messenger🤦‍♂️. She told me she only uses whatsapp which I couldn’t use because my supposedly rugged indestructible phone stopped working and I had to message her using the ipad. It was a big shit show.

On my way back though I had two huge bags with me and I kept them near me at all times it looked like I’m smuggling something, in the first security check they got two tourists who didn’t have their passports just had some cash and weed, I thought I’ll be next but thank god nothing happened probably because I look Indian xD.

On the bright side I got tons of stories from staying in Kasol for those extra few days and tons of photos.

I never take photos of myself so here’s one my sister took.
She basically took 2 blurry photos during the 30 day trip xD

About Death

I think one of my biggest fears is death, not me dying I don’t really care if I die tomorrow or in 10 years, it’s mainly just the death people I love.

I have a notebook for quotes, one of the things there is this phrase: “It never happens the way you think it will”.
The idea that you don’t expect it to happen to someone is a bit scary to me, because whatever happened between you two before the incident that’s gonna be the last thing you guys ever did or talked about, there’s no going back from that.

I’ve heard tons of stories of people regretting their last interaction with someone before they passed away.

I’ve heard of one where two friends had a big argument and one of them just stormed off got drunk and whilst driving home had an accident, and this was their last conversation.

Another one was about a couple who decided to always kiss before leaving just in case something happens to one of them, one day they had an argument, the husband leaned in for a kiss before leaving his wife was still mad so she pushed him away, he ended up having an accident and that was it, their last interaction together.

There are other cases where death is kind of the only escape, when you see someone you love suffering from a terminal illness and you can’t really do anything to them.
You just sit there praying for something to ease the pain at least just switching places with them even for a little while.

Whenever I’m put in a situation where I’m in a hospital or just any event where people are expecting the worst, I try to cheer everyone up by making jokes or sarcasm or making them feel good about the whole situation doesn’t matter if I have to act like the goofy one. It just lightens the vibes a bit, though I’ve been told that it’s not really healthy doing that since I just keep adding up to the sad thoughts without expressing any of it. But hey only time will tell.

I don’t really know why I’m writing about death, it’s one of the topics I avoid talking about, maybe I’ll actually accept one day that it’s just gonna keep happening or maybe I’ll eventually let go of all the bad memories of death.

Awkward stories – San Francisco Airport

This is gonna be one of many awkward travel stories that I’ll be posting on here.

So I was contacted by Apple for a job opportunity and after a series of phone calls and a couple of months later I was offered an on site interview. They booked the flight and everything.

So being the stupid person I am something had to go wrong, the story goes like this, after 20 something hours of traveling I made it to SF airport, I had my bags, one backpack and one HUUUUUGE bag (since I wanted to do some shopping whilst in SF I decided to put one smaller bag inside that huge one).

Anyways once I got there I went to the sim card shop just to get some data plan whilst in the US (I can’t go anywhere without google maps), I noticed the sim cards are super overpriced at the airport so I decided to activate the roaming on my current sim card even though it’s over priced too it’s way cheaper than the plans they had. Unfortunately that didn’t work so I went back to get a super pricey sim card, I bought one et voila I made a quick call to let my friends in the US know I made it.

After going outside to get a cab I noticed I only had my backpack and that’s it.
I tried not panic but a few things came to mind, I’m in an airport, I left a huuuuge bag unattended, my name is Mohamed, I’m muslim, I’ve been to Saudi Arabia several times, I’m Egyptian but I can pass for Mexican, Indian, and any middle eastern country, so basically everyone Trump hates. I got in the airport again went to the sim card shop hoping not to find 5 security officers with two k9 dogs, hoping not to go through the hassle of explaining why I left my bag there and why once I open it we find another smaller bag xD. I’ve heard all sorts of stories of people leaving their bags in airports then going to some kind of interrogation room, so I kinda expected the worst.

Luckily enough I went to the sim card shop and found the bag just there in the middle of the whole thing with the arm thing extended. So I just walked there casually grabbed the bag and tried to act as normal as possible (I’m pretty sure it looked suuuuuuuuuuuper sketchy).


Writing in the old blog again

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here.

Being on here brings back old memories, some are good, but there’s a lot of bad ones. it’s funny how one’s mind makes a link between bad events and something like this blog, whenever I open it and start reading the posts it all comes back.

After my grandpa passed away and writing a blog post about it I stopped writing altogether and started reading other blogs, whenever I took the train, the bus whatever I just open my phone and start reading random posts about books, chivalry, traveling, kindness etc, that was it for a while till I stopped reading as well.

A lot happened since my last blog post, I graduated college became a TA for a year and then I went freelance full time. I traveled to a few countries, made hundreds of friends all over the world, though I’m not sure what my next step will be but what I know is that I’ll probably write some of my stories here like writing in some kind of diary.

Soooo I think this is gonna be fun xD


The Code of Chivalry

Made of sticks and stones

"Waterhouse, The Lady of Shallott, 1888" by John William Waterhouse - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.Waterhouse, The Lady of Shallott, 1888” by John William Waterhouse Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I would die for thee, my Queen;
If you would but glance my way.
Reach my hand beyond the veil,
Where no man has right to quest.

Take up my lance and fight
The Dragon and all the hordes of hell
For the favour of my Lady.
If for an hour, I could walk with thee,

Through the Green Wood upon the emerald sward,
Where flowers bloom in faerie bowers
In the star shine of that eternal land
Where power undimmed forever reigns.

I await for, but a single, word.
To take up my lance against the Infernal foe,
My Queen. For your honour, for the chance
To joust for your favour.

© 2015 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved.

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“To All My Facebook Friends” (2)

My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

We could unplug ourselves
Off Facebook
And start writing
In journals.
We could write
Each other letters
And make frequent trips
To the post office.
It will take too much of our time,
Of course, but our correspondence
Will be longer
And the pleasure of conversing
Will be drawn out.
Anyway, a conversation
Via social media
Mediated by computer monitors
And profile photos
Isn’t really much of a
Conversation, is it?
Anyway, I want to see your
Handwriting, feel the strokes
Of your pen with my fingers,
And smell the ink and paper.
You don’t have to write and sound
Like Jane Austen, although that would
Be great, as well.
You can write like a cardiologist,
I wouldn’t mind.
There are nuances in our handwriting,
You know.
We could lie on roof tops
And gaze at the distant galaxies
And talk about our dreams.
We could…

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